Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clean Sweep!

When I first saw the introduction to the “Clean Sweep” series over on Caroline’s blog, I was intrigued, but not motivated.  I thought that surely I didn’t have the time and evergy while working full-time (and burning out fast as the end of the school year approaches!).

Then I saw her first challenge of creating a morning routine, and thought, ‘I could use that.”  Then I saw her organization of her boys’ bedrooms and thought, “Maybe I could learn how to spring clean from this challenge.”

So, consider me counted in!

Morning Routine
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth
Shower or wash face
Get dressed, makeup (except Saturday)
Walk the dog
Make bed

I tried this for the first time today and I thought it worked well!  Hopefully that can continue!
I would also like to set an evening routine, as that is the time I have a lot to get done and it’s easy to forget things.  Here’s the blueprint I followed last night, and am working on tonight:

Walk dog
Prepare/eat dinner
Dishes and general kitchen clean-up
Make a lunch (Sun – Thurs)
One hour of free time for computer, TV, or ‘fun’ reading
Power90 workout (5 days per week Monday through Saturday)
Snack, take vitamins
Shower & brush/floss teeth
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Bible reading
Take dog out if my husband hasn’t
Free time until I crash :)

I will strive to post weekly updates here.  I will share a general list of things I’d like to do this month, and get done what I can as well as whatever else I think needs doing.  

My general goal is to get one cleaning/organizing task done per day (except Sundays and the last two Saturdays of this month when we will be otherwise occupied).  This will be in addition to regular daily and weekly cleaning duties.  My spiritual goals will be 1) to read 3-5 chapters of Scripture daily (save for Sundays) and to read a chapter of Church Fellowship by John Brug each week.  This is the book we are working through in Bible Study, and I'd love to keep up in the study.

Yesterday, I went through the refrigerator and threw out old yucky items.  Thankfully, there weren’t many, but I did toss some homemade Italian dressing from awhile back, a green smoothie that got hidden back in…January…(I know, ICK!), and ¾ of a jar of salsa that neither of us liked.

Today, I actually washed out the inside of the fridge and cleaned out the freezer!  I tossed three things that were over a year old (freezer pickles from summer 2011, bread crumbs, and something else that was in a Ziploc bag).

Other things that I would love to get accomplished this month:
Dog poop clean-up in the yard
Wash curtains
Wash bedding
Go through clothes…and actually take them to Goodwill
Put more mulch in the flowerbed
Sweep out and straighten up the garage
De-clutter movie shelf
Re-arrange the living room furniture
Figure out a better system for shoes and coats in the entryway and front closet
De-clutter cabinet in guest bedroom
De-clutter storage boxes under the bed

I think that’s a good start!
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